eaUtils 1.17.2 (standard edition)

eaUtils 1.17.2 (standard edition)
EAUtils_Setup-1_17_2_1901-2 Standard.zip
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1.17.2 (build 1901-2) - Standard Edition
27 May 2019

v1.17.2 (Build 1901-1)

Date: 27/05/2019

Details in English

  • Find in all Diagrams enhancement: improved Image Asset support, new Information Flow support
  • Clear all SysML parts stereotypes Bug fix
  • Beta release of the custom hotkeys to launch eaUtils features (Alt + U -> Find in all diagrams)
  • Configuration file for the general settings
  • Firebird DBMS support

Details in French

  • Amélioration fonction Find in all Diagrams : finalisation de la gestion des Image Asset, nouvelle gestion des Information Flow
  • Fonction Clear all SysML parts stereotypes : correction bug mineur
  • Version BETA du support des Raccourcis Claviers : lancer la fonction eaUtils Find in All Diagrams avec Alt + U
  • Nouveau fichier de configuration eaUtils pour gérer les "General settings" 
  • Support des projets EA installés sur Firebird
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