eaUtils - Sparx Enterprise Architect add-in

Utilities for your EA models: sort elements, generate alias, diagram breadcrumb navigation

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eaUtils addin for Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect Release History

v1.19.10 (Build 2208-1)


  • Visible relations: additional level with the source element, options to show/hide the source & target elements package and/or alias, support freeze visible diagram property, improved the loading time
  • EA16 64 bits compatibility support: new installation files (64 bit version)

v1.19.9 (Build 2202-1)


  • MDG: removed the SysML example, added new EA searches on connectors
  • EA16: added support for the new QEAx files

v1.19.8 (Build 2110-1)


  • eaUtils MDG v0.4: added ModifiedDate on the custom searches, new Search Operations
  • Compare diagrams improvements:
    • added support to customize the text and background colour, changed the first diagram default colours to "fade" (greyed out)
    • check if the diagrams have the minimum required content (elements) to run the comparison
  • Fixed UI rendering issues

v1.19.7 (Build 2106-1)


  • Find in all diagrams improvements:
    • Connectors supported (diagrams usage for a connector)
    • Classifier results improved with added parts & properties support

v1.19.6 (Build 2104-2)


  • New feature: compare diagrams

v1.19.5 (Build 2104-1)


  • eaUtils MDG v0.3: search attributes or diagrams by GUID or ID
  • Postgres db related bug fixes on the Visible Relations and Add Image Asset features

v1.19.4 (Build 2102-2)


  • Manage diagram visible relations
    • Bug fix: new connectors created outside the active diagram were not available in the list
    • Enhancements: button to show the selected connector in the diagram, differentiate Aggregations from Compositions

v1.19.3 (Build 2102-1)


  • Locks management improvement: processing time reduced, more suitable control checks
  • Improved Update Notes and Constraints: processing time reduced
  • New model searches in the eaUtils MDG v0.2: search elements by GUID, object id, alias, or stereotype

v1.19.2 (Build 2101-2)


  • Locks management improvement: skip diagram elements locks check for features that won't update them e.g. diagram visible relations, breadcrumb

v1.19.1 (Build 2101-1)


  • New diagram feature: diagram visible relations update (enhanced version of EA built-in feature) with Alt+V shortcut
  • Added Expand/Collapse all buttons in the Package tree sorting window

v1.18.6 (Build 2010-1)


  • Add image asset (boundary): Bring to Front the generated boundary + associated with Alt+I shortcut
  • The sorting only runs if the selected package or element contains at least 2 elements to process
  • New feature to update Notes and Constraints: copy the description's first 255 chars to the element's name (useful for model searches)
  • Embedded eaUtils MDG v0.1: stereotyped SysML examples, Model Notes search

v1.18.5 (Build 2003-1)


  • Online help links added

v1.18.4 (Build 2002-4)


  • Minor fixes

v1.18.3 (Build 2002-3)


  • New setting to disable the Full Path in Find all Diagrams (for performance issues)

v1.18.2 (Build 2002-2)


  • Add image asset (boundary): the diagram is saved before creating the boundary image

v1.18.1 (Build 2002-1)


  • Alt + I Keyboard shortcut: select the image asset in the browser for the selected boundary in a diagram
  • Menu management and error message improvements
  • Breadcrumb trail: minor popup fix (long text)
  • New feature: add the selected image asset from the Browser to the active diagram by creating a boundary

v1.17.2 (Build 1901-2)


  • Find in all Diagrams enhancement: improved the Image Asset support, and added the Information Flow
  • Clear all SysML parts stereotypes Bug fix
  • Beta release of the custom hotkeys to launch eaUtils features (Alt + U -> Find in all diagrams)
  • Configuration file for the general settings
  • Firebird DBMS support

v1.17.1 (Build 1901-1)


  • Find in all Diagrams enhancement: added the Image Asset support to find diagrams that have a boundary with the Image Asset set as the alternate image

v1.16.2 (Build 1810-2)


v1.16.1 (Build 1810-1)


  • First SysML feature: update the blocks' parts (used in ibd) stereotype according to mapping rules between a block and a part defined in a UML Profile
  • Updated the menu labels
  • Bug fix on the position of error messages

v1.15.5 (Build 1803-6)


  • Minor bug fix on the Tree Package popup when resuming from the Settings window

v1.15.4 (Build 1803-5)


  • Generate Alias bug fix: added auto leading zeros support (missing)
  • Added YouTube link to the About window
  • UI improvements:
    • The selection(s) in the popup window e.g. Option, Direction... is saved before opening the Settings. When closing the settings, the selection is restored in the previous popup.
    • The selected sorting option is saved when navigating between the tree package and the single package sorting popup windows (when the Process Tree Package is modified via the Settings).
  • Automated tests integration (www.eatests.com): new feature to run tests from a diagram.

v1.15.3 (Build 1803-4)


  • Detect the DBMS behind a Cloud Service connexion
  • Find in Diagrams
    • Added "Instance" to find an instance's classifier (opposite of EA "Classifier" usage type)
    • Display the full path when selecting a row/diagram
    • Focus on the element in the diagram (EA build 1305 and above)
  • Find In Diagrams automated tests integration (www.eatests.com)

v1.15.2 (Build 1803-3)


  • Improved About popup

v1.15.1 (Build 1803-2)


  •  Completed the Find in Diagrams with additional columns + classifier links support

v1.15 (Build 1803-1)


  • Changed and improved the behaviour of dealing with selected items so it works with project browser and diagram selections
    • Before then, eaUtils only took into account the selection from the project browser to identify the available features
  • New feature to Find all Diagrams for a selected package or element from EA Project Browser
    • This is the same as EA built-in "Find in All Diagrams" with added columns requested by a client (pending my feature request is taken into account by Sparx)

v1.14.2 (Build 1712-3)


  • Minor fix on the package tree popup (error msg not displayed when none of the packages were selected)

v1.14.1 (Build 1712-2)


  • Automated tests updates (www.eatests.com integration)
  • Settings window improvement: automatically enable radio or checkboxes when clicking on the related field
  • Fixed Breadcrumb trail on linking Packages and hyperlinks (1.14 feature)
  • Breadcrumb improvement : resize generated hyperlinks according to the title length

v1.14.0 (Build 1712-1)

28/12/2017 - release candidate 1

  • New sorting option : elements object id (to sort by created order)
  • Improved breadcrumb trail : in addition to composite elements opening the current diagram, added support from hyperlinks, package elements with this main diagram, and navigation cells (EA 13.5). eaUtils settings include the default breadcrumb trail options (Composite elements, Packages, Hyperlinks, Navigation Cells)
  • Improved package tree popup window: the processed package is always visible in the list (when it is greater than the box size)
  • Improved popup windows: the process can be cancelled
  • New option to sort elements under an element (subelements)

v1.13.3 (Build 1710-4)

28/11/2017 - current release

  • Released a Portable Edition of eaUtils installation file (no administrator rights required)
  • Fixed installation registry update issue (found in 1.13.2, previous build 1710-3)

v1.13.2 (Build 1710-3)


  • Added "Identify and sort integers within string values" to the displayed settings in the Sort Elements according to Diagram layout

v1.13.1 (Build 1710-2)


  • Reload settings in the popup window when the settings window is closed

v1.13 (Build 1710-1)


  • Reduced the number of menus:
    • sort elements in a package or element: moved each option (sort by alias, tagged values, stereotype, name) to a drop down list,
    • sort elements or generate aliases according to the elements in a diagram: moved "top to bottom" and "left to right" options to a drop down list.
  • Improved the settings window
  • Close Windows with the ESC key
  • Improved navigation between eaUtils windows and the settings window

v1.12.2 (Build 1612-6)


  • Missing file or assembly error fixed

v1.12.1 (Build 1612-5)


  • Generate alias window: hide the "Limit to Stereotype" drop down when no stereotype is found

v1.12 (Build 1612-4)


  • Added a sort by modified or created date on diagrams within a package or composite element
  • Generate Alias: added an option to generate the alias for elements matching a single, selected stereotype. This can be useful e.g. for Archimate diagrams. This may be coupled with the object type restriction.
  • Improved locking control rules (element locks with or without security)
  • New sorting option: Sort numbering sequences including prefixes (e.g. REQ-1.1, REQ-1.2, REQ-1.10, REQ-1.15, REQ-2.0, REQ-2.1...) (asked by pli)
  • Package Tree Sorting popup window not closed when done to allow reviewing processed packages

v1.11.1 (Build 1601-4)


  • Fixed a bug when looking for existing locks (exception raised - reported by pli)
  • Fixed Save Settings bug on EA projects stored in a Postgres DB.

v1.11 (Build 1601-3)


  • Added the package tree option in the Package Sort by features (alias, stereotype, TV, name, reset sort order): when enabled eaUtils lets you select the packages within the tree to process
  • Added Custom Tagged Value support in eaUtils Sort By settings
  • Improved popup windows with the prompt question, a summary of the current settings, and a status box
  • Generate Alias: option to increment the starting number
  • Improved Security Lock controls
  • Bug fixes: Removed packages from diagram sorting, renamed Trailing zeros with Leading zeros (jbr)
  • Improved Breadcrumb: prevent creating a hyperlink on the diagram itself (jbr)

v1.10 (Build 1511-7)

16/12/2015 - first official release

  • Added Generate Alias feature
  • Updated eaUtils settings

v1.06 (Build 1511-6, beta 4)


  • Added case sensitive option on the sorting features (see eaUtils settings)
  • Added sorting Tagged Value name to the Registry (to change the default BrowserOrder Tagged Value)
  • Added a Check for Update feature

v1.05 (Build 1511-5, beta 3)


  • Improved the installation files (upgrade management, remove)

v1.03 (Build 1511-3, beta 2)


  • Fixed the Restore Default Settings button in eaUtils Settings.
  • Added the following settings on the Diagram Sorting feature: Ignore external elements in a diagram sorting.

v1.02 (Build 1511-2, beta 1)

25/11/2015 - first beta version

  • Sort elements from a selected package or composite element by Alias, by the Tagged Value “BrowserOrder”, by Stereotype, by Name
  • Apply the default sorting order on a selected package or element
  • Sort a package elements by the order displayed from top to bottom, or from left to right, on a diagram selected from the project browser (optional: ignore external elements)
  • Generate the breadcrumb trail on a diagram selected from the project browser
  • Update eaUtils settings
  • About eaUtils dialog window
  • Open the online help section