eaUtils - Sparx Enterprise Architect add-in

Utilities for your EA models: sort elements, generate alias, diagram breadcrumb navigation

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eaUtils MDG Custom Model Searches: help section

eaUtils MDG Custom Model Searches: help section

When eaUtils is installed on your computer, its embedded MDG Technology is available. It includes custom model searches to run in Enterprise Architect.


eaUtils MDG Custom Model Searches in Enterprise Architect with eaUtils addin

 Before using the Model Search, you can access eaUtils MDG by opening the list of installed MDG Technologies (Specialize > Manage Tech in EA 15.2):

mdg eautils

Open EA model search (Ctrl+F) and browse to eaUtils MDG searches to use one of the following:

  • Find Attribute by GUID
  • Find Attribute by ID
  • Find Connector by GUID
  • Find Connector by ID
  • Find Connectors by Stereotype
  • Find Connectors by Type
  • Find Diagram by DiagramID
  • Find Diagram by GUID
  • Find Element by GUID
  • Find Element by Object ID
  • Find Element by Alias
  • Find Elements by Stereotype
  • Find Element Notes (see eaUtils related feature)
  • Find Operation by GUID
  • Find Operation by ID

eaUtils MDG Search


  • eaUtils MDG is embedded within the addin and like any other MDG, it can be set as required for an EA Project. This can lead to an error message when opening the EA project if eaUtils is not installed. See FAQ 7 for more information on how to fix this.
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