eaUtils - Sparx Enterprise Architect add-in

Utilities for your EA models: sort elements, generate alias, diagram breadcrumb navigation

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Install eaUtils addin for Sparx Enterprise Architect

Note: screenshots are provided for illustration purposes and may differ from the version that is used.

Download eaUtils addin

Download the installation file from the following link: www.eautils.com/download.

You need to choose between the standard and portable editions, in either the 32 or 64 bit version:

  • The portable edition is available if you don't have the Windows Administrator rights to install software on your PC. Files will be copied in your AppData user folder.
  • With the standard edition, files are copied to the Program Files folder (C:\Program Files (x86)\EAUtils for eaUtils 32 bit, C:\Program Files\EAUtilsX64\ for eaUtils 64 bit).

 eaUtils 32 or 64 bits:

  • If you use any Enterprise Architect version prior to 16 (build 16xx), you must use eaUtils 32 bit installation file.
  • Enterprise Architect 16 can be installed as a 64 bit and/or 32 bit application ; eaUtils 64 bit installation must be used for EA 16 64 bit version. If you installed both EA 32 and 64 bit, you must install both eaUtils 32 and 64 bit.
  • eaUtils 64 bit version is available since 1.19.10.

Once downloaded, make sure that Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect is closed.

Uninstall any previous version of eaUtils

Important - If you have an older version of eaUtils already installed, you must uninstall it first.

Open Windows Programs and Features by clicking the Start button > Control Panel > Programs > Programs and Features. Right click on eaUtils and select uninstall.

Install eaUtils addin

Double click on the downloaded file to run it:

eaUtils installation setup file

The installation starts and the following is displayed. Check that you are running the appropriate version : 64 bit for EA 16 64 bit, or 32 bit for any other EA version. 

eaUtils Sparx EA addin installation step 2

Click on Next.

eaUtils Sparx EA addin installation step 3 

Click in the box “I accept the terms in the License Agreement” to accept the displayed license agreement, and click on Next.

eaUtils Sparx EA addin installation step 5

Modify or confirm the destination folder and click on Next.

eaUtils Sparx EA addin installation step 5

Click on Install. If a security window is displayed (eaUtils standard edition), click on Yes to confirm.

Once the installation has been completed, the following confirmation is displayed:

eaUtils Sparx EA addin installation final step

 To check that eaUtils has been successfully installed, open EA and use the following menu.

  • Enterprise Architect v12: Extensions > eaUtils > About eaUtils.
  • Enterprise Architect v13: EXTEND > eaUtils > About eaUtils.
  • Enterprise Architect v14 or above: Specialize > eaUtils > About eaUtils.

about eaUtils EA menu open

about eautils version