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Utilities for your EA models: sort elements, generate alias, diagram breadcrumb navigation

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Section 9. Sort elements in a package tree

package tree sorting feature in eautils enterprise architect addin

This help article describes the use of eaUtils sorting features on a package tree to sort elements contained in each selected package by alias, stereotype, tagged valuename or object id (note: the package tree sorting feature was introduced in version 1.11).

This feature runs from a package selected from the Project Browser. Once launched, it displays the entire tree for the selected package, where each subpackage can be selected so its elements order is updated accordingly. If the selected package doesn't contain any subpackage, the standard sorting dialog window is displayed.

Enable the Package Tree in eaUtils settings

By default the Package Tree setting is disabled i.e. eaUtils sorting features can be run on a selected package or element.

To use the package tree sorting feature, eaUtils settings must be modified: open the Sort By tab, and enable Process the package tree option as shown below.

eautils addin for enterprise architect sparx sort by setting package tree

eaUtils package tree sorting

Having the tree package setting enabled, this feature can be used via a right click on the main package > Specialize or Extensions > eaUtils > [Browser] Sort elements.

package tree sorting option in sparx enterprise architect addin

eaUtils addin opens the following dialog window (unless the package doesn't contain any child package), prompting to select the packages to process within the current tree, i.e. the package and its sub packages:

sparx systems enterprise architect addin eaUtils package tree sorting window

Below is a summary of the available actions or information:

  • Sorting option: select between Alias, Name, Object ID, Stereotype, and Tagged Value
  • Status: set to Ready unless the elements sorting is running, in which case the status is set to Busy.
  • eaUtils settings: a summary of the sorting settings values is displayed. A button is available to open eaUtils Settings if needed.
  • Select all/none: enable or disable all packages within the displayed tree.
  • Tree: packages within the tree are displayed and can be individually enabled or disabled. Any locked package is greyed out and followed by (Locked), see below.
    • Note: Root nodes are always disabled and marked as locked as they never contain elements to sort.
  • Sort elements in the selected packages by...: run the elements sorting within each selected package.
  • Cancel: close this window.

If none of the packages has been selected, the following error message is displayed.

eautils addin package tree sort by error UI message in Sparx Enterprise Architect

Once sorting option is defined (e.g. Alias), and the package selection is complete, click on the Sort elements button and confirm the prompt window.

eautils addin sort by package tree confirmation enterprise architect

Whilst eaUtils sorting by feature is running, the progress is updated as packages are processed.

eautils addin sparxsystems enterprise architect sort by package tree progress busy

Once completed, all selected packages are marked as DONE, and a confirmation dialog is displayed (clicking OK closes all windows).

eautils package tree sorting addin enterprise architect completed