Utilities add-in for Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect

Section 9. Sort diagrams by date

sort model diagrams in sparx enterprise architect by date

This help article explains how to use eaUtils to sort diagrams within a package or an element according to their modified or created date/time. This feature has been added in version 1.12.

This feature runs on a package or an element selected from the Project Browser.


Example: sort by modified date (ascending)

Select the package or element where the diagrams need to be sorted > Extensions > eaUtils > Project Browser: sort diagrams.

eautils sparx enterprise architect addin sort diagrams by date

Confirm you would like to proceed by clicking Yes from the following dialog window:

sparxsystems enterprise architect sort diagrams

The confirmation window below is displayed (click on Close).


eaUtils Diagram Sorting Settings

Diagrams can be sorted by modified date/time or created date/time in the ascending or descending order. This can be changed via eaUtils settings:

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